We have been organising weddings passionately and professionally for years.
We specialise in creating unforgettable memories that will truly make it a day for everyone and your special day.


Our venues are exclusive, yet accessible locations that offer something unique, without being foreboding. They range from famous cities to magic villas and places one can fall in love with. The one aspect they share: wedding perfection. We also specialise in advising our clients so they find the ideal venue for your love story.


Our team of professionals will work hard to bring your dream to life.
Every little detail will be taken care of with our special combination of knowledge, experience and creativity.
Each and every aspect will form a harmonious part of your wedding.


Our consultancy will make sure every detail, every little idea is covered, leaving nothing to chance. The result: a dazzlingly perfect wedding. You only have to do one thing: enjoy.


The FaberJour team will do everything to make sure the bride and groom are relaxed and happy, discreetly helping them every step of the way through an array of carefully selected proposals that will ultimately become unique, ideal choices.
Have the wedding you have always desired.

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Charming events

We tailor weddings with the true professionalism such an event demands.
It is about the perfect atmosphere or the subtle colour of a flower, the warm flicker of a lantern or the delicious aroma of a dish being served.
We take care of every detail, to allow the special couple to relax and enjoy their day.
It is about the perfect music lyrically filling the background or an ideal sunset, the altar, the hall and a villa exalted by flowers. And of course, the perfect wedding bouquet.

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We Take Care of Everything

FaberJour was born out of a love for beauty rooted in attention to detail and coupled with a desire to ensure every aspect of such beauty is perfectly managed. FaberJour was born of our passion for what you love and our goal is to let you enjoy this without having the slightest thing to worry about. Our extensive experience in organising thousands of special events goes into making your special day unforgettable and unique. We make your dream the reality you always desired.

  • Budget Planning and Management
  • Location
  • Catering
  • Invitation Design and Calligraphy Services
  • Flower Arrangements and Lighting
  • Music and Lights
  • Photographer and Video Maker
  • Bride, Groom and Guest Services
  • Legal Support